Basic Management Student Skills Training (LKMMD) 2021, “Grow Your Spirit of Leadership with Critical Thinking for Better Future”

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Semarang, 13-14 November 2021 - a work program from the HMAB PSDM division has been carried out, namely the Basic Student Management Skills Training (LKMMD) 2021 with the term "Grow Your Spirit of Leadership with Critical Thinking for Better Future". LKMMD 2021 is a work program held semi-offline with 50 offline participants. The holding of this LKMMD aims to form the leadership spirit and critical thinking of students in solving a problem that will occur and provide students with provisions before entering the world of organization later.


The dress rehearsal will be held on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at the Dieng BP2KLK Sendangmulyo Building, Semarang. With the dress rehearsal, the Business Administration Student Association can evaluate the deficiencies in the LKMMD that will be implemented so that activities can run smoothly. The dress rehearsal was carried out by all HMAB functionaries because in the 2021 LKMMD this time all HMAB functionaries had a role in the 2021 LKMMD event. Before the rehearsal we decorated the place according to the layout that we had previously determined and moved all the items needed into the Dieng building. The rehearsal on the first day is approximately 4 hours. After decorating, it was continued with a rehearsal for the first day, namely MC and simulation of the general assembly.

The second day of dress rehearsal was held on November 12, 2021, it was still the same, namely at the Dieng BP2KLK Sendangmulyo Building, Semarang. On the second day, the dress rehearsal was immediately followed up for the second day, namely Action Simulation by all functionaries who had received roles. After that, on the second day, a rehearsal was carried out, all activities took place according to the rundown that had been made by the event team and carried out an evaluation before the D day.



The H day of the LKMMD will be held on November 13-14, 2021 at the Dieng BP2KLK Sendangmulyo Building, Semarang.

On the first day, namely the delivery of material on Student Government by Faizal Zuhdi Mubarok as the Chair of the BPM KBM Polines 2020/2021 followed by a debate between groups. Then the second material, namely the Session Mechanism by Rafie Yogandaru as the Legislation Body for BPM KBM Polines 2021/2022, followed by a General Assembly Simulation with All Participants, Functionaries, and Deminisers.

Then on the second day, namely the delivery of material on the Elaboration of the Work Plan and Committee and Development of Work Programs by Feri Andrian as Student President of BEM BKM Polines 2020/2021 followed by Focus Group Discussion group. The last material was about Formulation of Initial Ideas and Management of Action by R. Raafi Adhi Rahman as Vice President of BEM FH UNNES 2021. After the last material was delivered, participants were offline after an ishoma briefing with resource persons for preparation for action while online participants were led by Tatib and group PJ to ask for accountability their answers relate to the consolidation task given on Saturday evening.

Every day all participants before entering the room and zoom meeting will go through an inspection session with the respective group's Tatib and PJs.

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