News Narrative of LMOM 2021 Work Program, Electrical Engineering Student Association

Pembicara kedua, Bagas Saputro mengisi materi 2 (Penjabaran rencana kerja)

One of the work programs of the Cadreization Sector of the Electrical Engineering Student Association of Semarang State Polytechnic is the Student Organization Management Exercise (LMOM) which this year has the theme "Be An Intellectual Leader for A Bright Future". LMOM activities are carried out with the aim of growing good personalities and characteristics as well as being a provision to become an organizer. This activity is carried out by on line use Zoom Platform Meeting. The LMOM activity also aims to determine the characteristics of participants in the cadre process.

The LMOM activity involved 103 active students from the Electrical Engineering Department, which lasted for 2 days, on Saturday – Sunday, November 20-21, 2021. However, due to the pandemic conditions, the LMOM activity this time was much different from previous years which were held regularly. offline. LMOM 2021 activities are held annually on line for all participants, while for the committee it is applied according to job desk which is given. A total of 24 people from STO HME 2021/2022 become the committee offline while still applying the applicable health protocol rules and a total of 43 STO HME 2020/2021 people are on the committee on line. This is intended so as not to endanger the safety or health of others and limit the presence of crowds.

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, LMOM activities will be carried out through Zoom Platform Meeting which begins with the presence of the committee, committee inspections, and briefing Committee. Then participants enter zoom and the event opens at 08.00 WIB. After the opening, this activity was continued by singing the anthem Indonesia Raya, remarks from the Chief Executive, and remarks from the Chairman of the Association. Then enter the core of the event which begins with the introduction of the first speaker, namely Muttawakkil Hidayatullah who is the Chair of BEM KM UNY who fills material on the formulation of initial ideas and continues with a question and answer session and participant attendance. Before entering the next material, a session is held ice breaker in the form of a guessing game. The activity continued with material from the second speaker, namely Brother Bagas Saputro who was the Student President of Polines 2016/2017. In this second material, participants were explained about the material on the elaboration of the work plan and the committee, which was followed by a question and answer session at the end of the material. At 11.20 WIB the activity was filled with ISHOMA for 45 minutes. The activity started again at 12.05 and continued with material share alumni of the 2013/2014 HME Polines period, namely Sister Meidha Arafah. Then the activity continued with material on motivational control which was delivered by Mr. Safriko Desna Putra who is the Regional Director of Indonesia Next Leader Central Java. There is a question and answer session at the end of the material as well as participant attendance before the event on the first day is closed.

On November 21, 2021, LMOM activities are still being carried out through: Zoom Meeting Platform Like the previous day, this activity started with committee attendance, committee inspections, and briefing Committee. Then participants enter zoom and the event opens at 08.00 WIB. After the opening, it was continued with material from the fourth speaker, namely Brother Hegi Ainul as Chair of BPM Polines 2021/2022 to explain material on student government, then there was a question and answer session at the end of the material and participant attendance. After that, the activity was continued again with technical material for discussion of the procedure for meeting which was delivered by the sixth speaker, namely Brother Andhika Rifat as Chair of Commission 4 BPM Semarang State Polytechnic for the 2021/2022 Period. The next activity is the announcement of group dynamics division and continued with ISHOMA for 1 hour. In the group dynamics session the participants were divided into several groups to discuss some of the case studies given. After the group dynamics ends, participants are required to fill in again presence. The activity ended with the announcement of the best participant in the LMOM 2021 event which then fell to the participant on behalf of Mustagfhiri Ashar. The activity then continued with closing by the MC at 15.00 WIB. This LMOM activity can run smoothly even though there are several obstacles and it is hoped that through this activity the participants can grow good personalities and characteristics and this activity can be a provision for participants to become an organizer.

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