Researching Covid 19 Early Detection Based on Cough Sounds, Bedoyo Ketawang Polines Team Wins 1st Place in National Scientific Article Competition

The team from the Politeknik Negeri Semarang (POLINES) won 1st place in the national scientific article competition organized by the Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology, recently. The team consisted of students from the Electrical Engineering Department, POLINES Computer Engineering Technology Study Program, namely Eka Yulianto, Gelorawan Susatyo Jati Pamungkas, and Hendi Ahmad Sholehudin. As the supervisor of Mardiyono, S. Kom., M. Sc. and Muttabiek Fathul Lathief, S. Kom., M. Kom.

The theme of this scientific article competition is about the use of big data, artificial intelligence, and data mining in the fields of health, tourism, MSMEs, and agriculture. According to Eka Yulianto, Head of the Bedoyo Ketawang Polines Team, his team raised the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic as an idea for writing an article with the title "Early Detection of COVID-19 based on the sound of coughing using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)".

The implementation of this scientific article competition is carried out in several stages, firstly selecting abstracts, collecting data full paper, and the final presentation. Participants who have submitted abstracts are then selected by the committee and announced that several teams that have passed to submit full paperhis. After that, a selection is made to determine the team that has the right to present the paper at the final stage. In the final stage, 4 teams were selected to make presentations in front of the jury. Questions posed to the team to test the participants' understanding included the objectives, methods used and the results of the research. The announcement of the winners will be held in conjunction with the ITTP Data Science Webinar on February 5, 2022.            

At the event, the Bedoyo Ketawang team was declared the first winner of the scientific article competition and was entitled to a certificate and coaching money as well as publication of articles to the SINTA indexed journal.

With the achievements that have been achieved by the Bedoyo Ketawang team, it is hoped that this research can be developed so that it becomes a finished product in the form of an application mobile. "Which can be used by the community to carry out early detection of COVID-19 through coughing sounds," hoped Mardiyono as the supervisor.

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