Blood Donation Activities by UKM Racana Pandawa

Blood Donation Activities with the theme "Donate Your Blood for a Better Life"By UKM Racana Pandawa this is one of a series of Pandawa activities Expo. UKM Racana Pandawa also held a Blood Donation activity as a form of concern for the surrounding community by providing a forum for donors which would later be distributed to the Semarang City Blood Bank.

Blood Donation Activities with the theme "Donate Your Blood for a Better Life"It will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at the Daarul Hikmah Polines Mosque. The activity begins with preparation and briefing the committee starts at 06.30 - 08.00 WIB followed by participant registration which will be opened from 08.30 - 11.45 WIB. At the time of registration, participants fill out a willingness form and fill out several questionnaires, then participants wait their turn to screening health checks in the form of weight checks, hemoglobin levels and blood pressure which will be carried out directly by PMI Semarang City officers.

If they meet the requirements for donors, then participants will donate 350 cc of blood for approximately 5 minutes. After completing the blood donation, participants will be given a gift from PMI and a memento by the committee. The Blood Donation activity was closed with a prayer and a group photo with PMI officers until 12.00 WIB with a total of 27 donors.

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