Electro Charity Competition 2022 HME Program

One of the annual activities of the Semarang State Polytechnic Department of Electrical Engineering Student Association is Electro Charity Competition 2022 has been implemented. Electro Charity Competition 2022 was held with the aim of introducing the Semarang State Polytechnic HME to the general public, growing awareness among others through blood donation activities, ECC charity, and holding charitable activities accompanied by increased creativity of students / the general public.

This is in accordance with the mission of the Electrical Engineering Student Association which aims to hold competitive, educational, and innovative activities among Electrical students.. Therefore, the Electrical Engineering Department Student Association held an activity Electro Charity Competition 2022 themed "ELEMENTARY (Electro Movement to a Journey)” as a means of channeling creativity for students of the Department of Electrical Engineering in musical activities. This activity was attended by students of the Department of Electrical Engineering and the general public. Because the pandemic period has not ended, this activity is carried out independently hybrid which was held at the Old AD Building of the Semarang State Polytechnic, the Kayla Ungaran Coffee Shop, and through platform social media Instagram. This activity will be held on February 26 – March 20, 2022.

This activity was carried out in several stages, the first was a blood donation which was held on February 26, 2022, the second was a musical drama Mahakarya which was held on March 3 – 4 2021, the third tapping competition held on March 13, 2022, the fourth tapping judging on March 14, 2022 and the last one is Instagram live which will be held on March 17, 2022. In addition, there was a charity activity held on March 20, 2022 at the Ar - Rizki Rowosari Difabel Foundation, Semarang.

The Electrical Engineering Department Student Association opens open Donations for the general public for charity on January 31, 2022 to March 19, 2022 and also sells used clothes located on Jalan Stadium Semarang every Sunday. The overall results of the charity obtained are given to the Ar - Rizki Rowosari Foundation Semarang and it is hoped that the general public can get to know the Semarang State Polytechnic and the Department of Electrical Engineering.

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