Winning the Attribute of Princess Friendship, Catherine Widya Becomes the Youngest Finalist for Miss Indonesia 2022

Catherin Widya Putri Stumer, Putri Persahabatan Putri Indonesia 2022

Proud news for Central Java again came from the 2022 Miss Indonesia Election event.

This is because the Central Java delegation, represented by Catherine Widya Putri Stumer this year, managed to bring the attribute title 'Princess Friendship' in this prestigious event.

The girl of mixed Indonesian-American blood is the youngest finalist this year because when she participated in the final night of the awarding, the figure who is familiarly called Cathi was still 18 years old.

It is undeniable that Cathi, who is experienced as a barista, does have a friendly and easy-going personality.

Currently, Cathi is listed as an active student in the D3 Business Administration study program, Politeknik Negeri Semarang (Polines).

One of the interesting facts about Putri Indonesia Friendship 2022 is that she is only willing to eat two types of meat, namely chicken and fish.

In addition, Cathi is also known as a lover of tofu and is able to consume tofu every day.

Not only to protect herself, however, this girl who has been in the modeling field for a long time has a commitment not to kill many animals for consumption because there are still many other food sources for alternative side dishes.

In the grand event of the beauty contest which entered its peak night on Friday (27/5), Cathi became one of the recipients of the attribute award.

The rest are Magiana Ignasia (East Kalimantan), Adinda Chersheilla (East Java), and Fransisca Octaviani (South Kalimantan) for the recipients of the intelligence attribute title.

Then, the Maluku delegation won the Best Costume on behalf of Jaswin Kaur Dhillon.

Then, Angelia Rizki (DKI Jakarta 1) as the Talented Indonesian Princess and Nitya Paramita (DKI Jakarta 3) as the 2022 Favorite Indonesian Princess.

Thank you for the presentation for Central Java, Cathi!

Congratulations to the winners, hopefully they will always inspire. MG-01


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