Polines Community Service: Instilling Noble Character Through AR Technology

Semarang State Polytechnic (Polines) held a PIM Service (Applied Science and Technology Society) from the Ministry of Diction with AR (Augmented Reality) technology-based applications, built a fairy tale center laboratory, conducted storytelling technique training in the workshop "Training for Interactive Learning in the Framework of Building Students with Noble Character in Banyumanik District Kindergarten teacher.

The head of the Inayah SPsi MSc service team told the press Thursday (8/9/2022) that the training took place at the IT Al-Kamilah Elementary School Hall last Saturday (13/8/2022). The participants of the activity were kindergarten teachers in Banyumanik District with 38 participants.

“Speakers who filled the activity, including Kak Kus – Dr Mohhamad Kusyanto ST MT with training materials on storytelling techniques. The material presented is in the form of storytelling techniques such as narration techniques, dialogue techniques, expression techniques, and sound illustration techniques. Rina Windiarti SPd MEd with material for exploring children's learning activities through free play. The material presented on the implementation of independent learning is done by building children's understanding through meaningful, collaborative, exploratory, and meaningful play. Then Inayah SPsi MSc and Gita Hindrawati STrM MSM with game and book socialization materials which are products of research by the Semarang State Polytechnic team," said Inayah.

The results of the research, added Inayah, include the adventure game Sila the honest child from the village of Pancasila, the book 44 The Story of the Honest Indonesian Rhino and his friends, a collection of binoa fairy tales with Augmented Reality technology applications, and children's gymnastics let's recognize animals.

The outputs of community science and technology application in Kindergarten Al – Kamilah are the implementation of 44 books of AR-based binoa inspirational stories, development of a fairy tale center laboratory, application of the adventure game of the honest child from the village of Pancasila, as well as training in storytelling techniques. (Sgi)

Source: KRJOGJA.com

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