Holds Job Fair, Polines Presents Dozens of Industries and Dozens of Job Vacancies

Semarang – Politeknik Negeri Semarang (Polines) held the 2022 Polines Job Fair which was held in the Polines Multipurpose Room. In this activity, 12 industries in various fields were present with dozens of available job vacancies.

Person in Charge (PIC) for Polines 2022 Job Fair, Thomas Agus Setiawan, said that this activity is an annual routine agenda held by Polines. Through this event, his party hopes that job seekers will soon find jobs and the industry will get quality workers.

"During the pandemic, we postponed the implementation of the job fair, even though the activity brought together industry and alumni, which was not only for Polines, but also opened to the public," said the figure who is also a lecturer at the Polynes Electrical Engineering Department, Tuesday (20/09/ 2022).

Thomas said that this job fair will be held for two days until Wednesday (21/09/2022), from 09.00 to 16.00 WIB. The figure who is also the Secretary of the Polines Industrial Relations Unit said that the companies that opened job vacancies in this job fair included Kalbe, Nestle, BinaPertiwi member of Astra, Pura, and New Armada.

Furthermore, regarding the 2022 Polines Job Fair, it is said that his party has disseminated it through the cdc.polines.ac.id page. Through this site, prospective applicants can check what job vacancies are available along with the required requirements.

“Then we also paste what is needed by the industry outside the Multipurpose Room, so that job seekers can see first. After viewing, they can enter followed by scanning the QR code for attendance. Then, there will be direct interviews, some tomorrow, depending on each industry," he explained.

He revealed that the post-pandemic conditions had not been able to make the job fair held as lively as the previous year. However, his party estimates that approximately 2000 job seekers will attend this year's event.

"Hopefully in the future, if the pandemic is completely gone, the industry (job fair participants) will increase, the demand will increase, so that many job seekers will be accepted immediately," he said.

One of the job fair participants who is a Polines Accounting Department student who is about to graduate this year, Anisa Zuhraida Rodiati appreciated the activities held by her campus. He admitted that he got a lot of information from the job fair that was held.

“I think it's good to be prepared, a lot of companies too. For students who are still active, they can also prepare themselves so that later they want to work where there is a little picture," he added.

In the future, he hopes that the industry and job vacancies available for job seekers at the job fair held by Polines can be more abundant.

“If this is the average, what I see is mostly for technical engineering, while I am from accounting. Maybe there can be more financial finance companies or not, so there are more banks," he concluded.

In addition, the HR Supervisor of PT Datacomm Diangraha, Herry Nurdiansyah, also appreciated the job fair activities carried out by Polines. He hopes that this activity will not only become an annual agenda, but can also be more frequent.

"If possible, not once a year. Because we also hire graduates or those before graduation. Those who want an internship are also welcome. So we are not only open to those who have graduated, we are also opening before graduation. If possible (job fair) every six months," he explained.

Regarding the job fair, which was hampered by the pandemic, Herry suggested that online activities could also be an option.

“Maybe it can be circumvented by how the system is online. So we don't need to come to Semarang, from Jakarta we can also come via zoom or online applications," he added.

Furthermore, Herry gave tips to job seekers to further deepen the technical side of their work in the future. This must be nurtured since college. In addition, according to him, certification can also be an added value for job recipients.

“The three main things that job seekers need to pay attention to are attitude (behavior), it is highly valued. Then communication, the third skill. There are many skills from the technical side, work patterns, and intelligence. But again, if the child is smart but the attitude is not good, then it will be an assessment too," he concluded.

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