The symbol of the Semarang State Polytechnic is regulated by the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 45 of 2016 dated August 3, 2016 concerning the Statute of the Semarang State Polytechnic.

The Semarang State Polytechnic symbol is in the form of a symmetrical pentagon with a dark blue base color (RGB color code=0,0,128) surrounded by golden yellow trim (RGB color code=255,255,0).


It contains:

  1. writing Polytechnic white (RGB color code=255,255,255) curved in a semi-circle;
  2. writing SEMARANG curved white following the frame;
  3. keris golden yellow (RGB color code=255,255,0) with luk 5 (five);
  4. jasmine buds which is in bloom surrounded by 8 (eight) white petals on each side, 4 (four) strands curved to the middle and symmetrical, getting smaller upwards; and 
  5. industrial building white color totaling 6 (six) with 10 (ten) doors.

The Polynes symbol has the following meanings:

  1. square five means Pancasila as the basis of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia;
  2. keris means the regional characteristic of Central Java as the province where Polines is located;
  3. luk 5 (five) means the number of departments that existed at the time the Polines was established;
  4. jasmine buds that are in bloom mean the development of the application of science and technology; 
  5. 8 (eight) petals, meaning August is the month of Polines' birth;
  6. industrial building means the development of professional human resources; 
  7. 6 (six) buildings, meaning the date of establishment of Polines; and 
  8. Doors totaling 10 (ten) means the year Polines was born in 1982 by adding up the two numbers in front (1+9) or the two numbers behind (8+2).

The color of the symbol has the meaning:

  1. blue has the meaning of depth of knowledge; 
  2. golden yellow has the meaning of majesty; and 
  3. White has the meaning of purity.