The resource unit at the Politeknik Negeri Semarang consists of implementing elements consisting of sections, centers, and units that assist the duties and functions of the institution.

Sections, Centers and Units in POLINES

In carrying out its duties as an applied tertiary institution, POLINES forms a structure for the composition of technical implementing elements such as a resource unit consisting of Polines awards (BAKPK), General and Financial Division (BUK), Learning Development Center (PPP), Education Quality Assurance Center (PPMP), Center for Research and Community Service (P3M), Library UPT, Language UPT, ICT UPT, PPSP UPT, Industrial Relations Unit, International Affairs Unit, and Procurement Service Unit.

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The Academic, Student Affairs, Planning, and Cooperation Section (BAKPK), has the task of carrying out planning, academic, student affairs, alumni, and cooperation affairs within the Polines. Visit the BAKPK portal here.

The General and Finance Section (BUK) has the task of carrying out administrative, household, state property, management, public relations, staffing and financial affairs within the Polines. BUK consists of administrative sub-section, financial sub-section, Public relations (Public Relations), Personnel Subdivision, and functional positions.

The Learning Development Center (PPP) has the task of implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the implementation of learning improvement and development activities.

The Education Quality Assurance Center (PPMP) has the task of implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the implementation of education quality assurance activities.


P3M is tasked with coordinating, monitoring, and assessing the implementation of research and community service activities organized by service units, study centers, departments, sections, groups and even individuals. P3M develops and improves the quality of research and community service. Visit P3M portal portal here.

UPT Library is a library resource center at the Semarang State Polytechnic. This unit is tasked with developing a collection of information sources, processing and maintaining library materials, providing library services, and carrying out library administration activities. See the UPT Library portal here.

UPT Language has the task of carrying out learning development, capacity building, and language proficiency testing services.

UPT ICT is tasked with developing technology and managing information systems to meet the needs of management and access to information at the Semarang State Polytechnic. Visit the UPT TIK portal here.

The Technical Implementation Unit for the Maintenance and Repair of Educational Facilities (UPT PPSP) is tasked with maintaining and repairing learning infrastructure, offices, campus utilities, and the environment. Visit the UPT PPSP portal here.

The Industrial Relations Unit is a unit that carries out the improvement, development and expansion of relations with industry to support the implementation of relevant education, research and community service. In addition, this unit also cooperates with industry to support the development of the institutional relevance of Polines

The International Affairs Unit is tasked with carrying out international cooperation to support the development of the institutional relevance of Polines. Visit the International Affairs Unit portal here.

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We Collaborate for Innovation

We believe that the big goal of POLINES will be more easily achieved with a collaboration between all stakeholders including the participation of all elements in the Politeknik Negeri Semarang. All resources must support each other to realize a quality applied tertiary institution. There are at least three resources The main things to make this happen are:

  1. Human Resources (Students, Lecturers, and Education Personnel).
  2. Sections, centers, and institutional units.
  3. Facilities and infrastructure.
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