Strategic Objectives:

The spirit of realizing the vision and mission requires clarity of direction of development goals, capacity building and strengthening of programs and activities. This goal is the outcome of the implementation of the duties and functions of the Higher Education Tri Dharma in the implementation of Polines, with the following formula.

  1. Produce graduates who have expertise in the fields of technology and business that are recognized by the industrial world through a teaching industry-based education pattern;
  2. Develop applied knowledge in technology and business that advances the application of technology in industry and society;
  3. Realizing a healthy and dynamic academic, organizational, and work culture as a basis for collaboration with stakeholders to develop the application of technology and promote community independence;
  4. Produce competent and professional lecturers and teaching staff; and
  5. Realizing useful and internationally recognized expertise in technology and business.

Strategic target:

Polines as the provider of vocational higher education sets strategic targets as the elaboration of strategic objectives, especially in the fields of technology, economy and business, namely:

  1. Increasing the quality and competitiveness of competency-based graduates, developing teaching industry learning programs, new study programs and competitiveness at national and or international levels, as well as valid output data;
  2. Increased publication of scientific works and creative-innovative works of the academic community;
  3. Increasing the quality of modern higher education management in the management of education with quality institutional management;
  4. Increasing the resources of competent and professional lecturers and teaching staff; and
  5. Increased expertise and role of lecturers towards stakeholders